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Mr. Jacoub Euchi :
August 10, 2015
Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent

On the scheduled day the tech manager Sam  called me before they arrived to the house. Once they got there they did a walk thru inspection and then covered all working area with plastic sheets . They removed all Air registers and Returns, cleaned them cleaned the inside of the Air Duct system and the main trunks . After finishing the cleaning process they sanitized the Air Duct system and checked the filters of all AC units and replaced them . When the job was done they vacuum the entire house .
They did a fantastic job very professional and helpful . I will use this company in the future and recommend it to my family and friends.

Mrs. Susan Abdellaoui
July 15, 2015
Air Duct Cleaning
Mold Testing & Remediation

Two technicians came to the house to inspect the HVAC ductwork and vents as well as inspect a shower stall for mold.
Member Comments: The technicians arrived on time. They were very polite and professional. After inspecting the ductwork and vents, they made a few suggestions but said that no cleaning or repairs were necessary. For the shower, they recommended replacing the caulking and using a dehumidifier in the bathroom. I was expecting major repairs in the bathroom, but they said that it was not necessary. I have done what they recommended and our problem is much better. Any inspector or repairman who finds solutions without milking a job for all he can get has my vote of confidence. I would gladly recommend this company to anyone.
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Mr. Chakib Touhami
July, 10 2015
Air Duct Cleaning

IT went very well , most importantly on time, very professional and honest team , they paid attentions to detail and took the extra step finding other issues and fixing it , most importantly i like their customer service and approach before hiring them . i was very happy with the results and i will use them in the near future at my other locations

Mr. Miraj Jivani
April 14 2016
Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent:

Thank you Dixie you Did an Excelent Job, and I will use this company in the Future and Recommend it to All My friend.

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